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Follow Up from FWBC’s Mid-America Championship

The 17/18 Season for the Gold and Silver Optimist Fleet officially started last weekend with the celebration of the USODA Mid America Champs in Fort Worth, Dallas, and 22 sailors representing the Lakewood Team.

Fort Worth Boat Club was the Yacht Club organizer and the event was part of the TSA Circuit as well, which meant the Lasers, 420’s and Green Fleet took part in the competition as well.

Following the routine of the Summer, conditions were extremely difficult and challenging, with very shifty and puffy winds throughout the weekend that allowed the Race Committee to run only three races for the entire Regatta, all of them sailed on Saturday. Unfortunately, Sunday ended up with no racing which meant no throwout.

Although the conditions weren’t great at all, results came up the opposite way with Lakewood Team placing 8 sailors in the Top 10 and claiming the overall win in the Red, Blue, White and Girls Fleet alongside the Regatta Overall.

Tony Slowik continues to show a very strong shape after a successful Summer and took the overall win and the Top Red Feet sailor award after a very consistent set of races on Saturday, winning by a margin of 20 points. Following Tony was Scott Mather, who despite a 20th in the first race came back strong to finish 2nd overall and 1st in the Blue Fleet. The next Lakewood sailor was Zach Brown, who surprised everyone and placed 4th overall and 1st in White Fleet with Stephen Momeier closing the Top 5 after a very consistent day and getting the 3rd place in the Blue Fleet.

Next in the Top 10 finished William Baker, who got 6th overall and 2nd in White Fleet followed by Eric Jayawant in 7th and 3r Red Fleet, Matias Martin in 9th and Ava Anderson in 10th, who at the same time got the first girl award for the first time in her Opti career.

Inside the Top 20, another Lakewood sailor, Maddie Janzen who claimed the 11th place overall, 3rd in White and 2nd in Girls and at the same time secured her spot for the 2018 Team Trials, raising the number of qualified sailors to 16.

For the rest of the Lakewood sailors, a bit of inconsistency, UFD’s and struggle in the starts but lots of stuff learned for the following Regattas. Mathieu Brown finished 21st, followed by Noah Zittrer (UFD) in 22nd and Nathan Pine in 23rd to close the Top 30.

More Lakewood sailors participated with Lucas Tenrreiro in 31st (UFD), Max Bettis in 32nd (5th in the last race!), Drew Gourley in 33rd, Emilie Janzen in 38th, Cole Gourley in 39th (rounded the mark first in the last race!), James Pine 40th (UFD), Brayden Benitz 45th, Tanner Ward in 50th and Anna Jayawant closing the Lakewood representation in 52nd overall.

— Bernat Gali, Head Opti Coach

Tropical Storm Harvey

          Tropical Storm Harvey looks like it is headed our way and has moved eastward compared to forecasts yesterday.  Here at Lakewood, Watt, Jon and myself have been in full preparation moving all of the Bay Access boats, coach boats, as well as derigging and relocating all the FJs.  If you have not already done so, we ask that you please come pick up your Lasers and Optis and other boats from the small boat pavilion and secure them elsewhere.
The Back-2-Sailing BBQ & Parent Meeting has been CANCELED and pushed back to Saturday, September 26th from 5-7pm following Saturday practices.  Please update your calendar books for this is an essential meeting for ALL sailors and parents; new or returning.  Thank you.
The Deadwood Regatta has been CANCELED and information for that will come out soon.  Please stay tuned to the new date and information.
As of now the High School Parent Meeting on Tuesday from 6-7pm, August 29th is still on.  As well as the High School Pizza Party on Wednesday immediately following school, on August 30th.
Volunteers would be appreciated next week either during the day or after school hours to put our FJs and other fleets back together.  Please contact MacKenzie if you are interested.

Storms a Comin’

Time to get your Optis and Lasers home safely!  The south side of the property will flood quickly, so please plan to make the move sooner rather than later.

At the print time of this post, the Sailing Center staff is preparing for a Harvey, moving boats and packing up lockers, while planning the regattas and coaching staff for the fall.  This makes us a very busy staff.  Please give us time to answer your calls, emails, and texts during this time while we prepare for the storm.  We hope that it does not bother our part of Texas and that all the preparation is unneeded, with that being said please pick up your boats from the club grounds, move all your equipment and toys to high ground, and please be sure to be safe.

– LYC Sailing Staff

Jr. Ol’ Man of the Sea & USODA Mid-America Championship

ATTENTION!! The 2017 Jr. Ol’Man of the Sea & USODA Mid-America Champions will take place at Fort Worth Boat Club, September 9th & 10th.  Registration is open for Optis on the USODA website HERE and Lasers/Club 420s can register through the TSA website HERE.

Please let us know if you are attending this regatta by RSVP’ing on our Google Spreadsheet.  Sign up for the Opti Trailer here too!  Thank you!  We hope to see you all there!



*This new feature will also allow us to collect emergency contact information and will make logistics much easier.  Any questions, please contact MacKenzie.

NOR can be found HERE.

Event website found HERE.

2017 Opti Nationals, Opti British Nationals, and IODA Europeans

Opti Nationals

The USODA Opti Nationals were organized by Big Blue Sailing Academy, in Norfolk, VA. The action started on July 25th with the Team Race Nationals followed by Girls Nationals and finished on August 3rd with the Fleet Race Nationals. Around those two weeks, conditions were very difficult due to the small area where racing happened (right next to the ODU Sailing Center), the daily tides, shifty winds and several storms which went across the venue.

The first event was the Team Race Nationals, which 17 Teams attended. For three days, they all competed to claim the title throughout a full Round Robin between all the Teams, followed by the Final Gold and Final Consolation and finishing with the Top sailing a final knock out round. Lakewood was represented by two Teams. Team Lakewood (Tony Slowik, Scott Mather, Parker Tyson, Sheridan Shaw and Lucas Tenrreiro) showed some great skills after haven’t practiced together at all and finished 4th overall after the losing the petite final against CRYC Spectra in two very close races. In addition to them, Lakewood Seahorses (William Baker, Maddie Janzen, Zach Brown, James Pine and Nathan Pine) by far the youngest Team in the Competition, couldn’t clinch any victory but earned a significant amount of respect by other Teams for the sportsmanship showed during races and the experienced gained.

The second event which followed the Team Race Nationals was the Girls Nationals with 68 girls taking part in the event. Lakewood was represented by three sailors: Sheridan Shaw, Ava Anderson and Maddie Janzen. Conditions were a bit better than the Team Race Nationals and 5 races were completed. Impressive performance by Sheridan, who despite a UFD on the second races, pulled some great races to finish 6th overall. Ava Anderson showed some great consistency to finish 27th overall and finally the youngest sailor in the Team, Maddie, got 33rd and 3rd in White Fleet, earning the first award for Team Lakewood.

The Nationals wrapped up two weeks of sailing with the Fleet Race Nationals and 4 days of racing, with some of the most difficult weather conditions the Team faced during their time in Virginia. 307 sailors took part in the event, by far the largest of the year. Team Lakewood joined forces with Team SYC (Southern) and 23 sailors were part of the Team. After 4 long days, only 7 races were completed but were enough to split the fleets on the last day for Gold Fleet and Silver Fleet.

Respecting results, 10 sailors made the cut for the Gold Fleet. Tony Slowik was again the best finisher in the Lakewood Team finishing in an impressive 7th position overall and earning and award for Top 10. Consistency paid off and he was very close to finishing top 5 (and unfortunate wind shift on the last race made him lose 15 points) and being one of the best sailors in the Gold . The next finishers for Lakewood were Lucas Tenrreiro and Scott Mather, on 12th and 13th position overall respectively. They both had a great Championship, fighting to win races and showing great regularity which paid off as they got 2nd and 3rd overall in Blue Fleet.

Following those sailors in the Top 15 were Ethan Polsen, who finished in a fantastic 33rd position after two great races in the Gold Fleet and Stephen Momeier in 45th after a great series but struggle on starts in Gold Fleet. Parker Tyson followed them in 52nd position with some up and downs.

Completing the Lakewood representation in Gold were Gil Hackel (Team SYC) who got 64th and 3rd in. White Fleet, Tullis Gambel in 76th (Team SYC) , Ava Anderson in 92nd with two great races on Gold and Sheridan Shaw in 99th after two unfortunate UFD’s the last day.

In the Silver Fleet, Nicky Abate had a great last day and finished 7th (clinching an award) followed by Zach Brown in 29th, James Pine in 42nd, Jake Brown in 44th, Logan Mastaw in 67th (Team SYC), Kate Gibbons in 76th (Team SYC), Liam Christopher in 79th (Team SYC), William Baker in 84th, Nathan Pine in 89th, Mathieu Brown in 113th, Maddie Janzen in 162nd (missed last two days due to a illness) and Blake Polsen closing the Team’s performance in 176th.

After all this results, Ethan Polsen, Stephen Momeier, Ava Anderson, Sheridan Shaw, Zach Brown, James Pine and Nathan Pine earn a spot in the next year’s Team Trials and elevate the number of Lakewood sailors qualified up to 15! Congrats all of you!

Opti British Nationals

The IOCA British Nationals were organized by the Weymouth Sailing Center in UK, Europe, last week with Emilie Janzen representing Lakewood and Team USA. After 5 days of racing with a predominantly strong breeze, Emilie missed the cut for the Gold for only 6 points. The struggle with start became once again too much to overcome but she showed some great recovery and finished first in Silver Fleet earning an award and some nice pics!

IODA Europeans

The IODA Europeans finished up last Sunday in Bulgaria, with 10 races completed and 153 sailors having sailed for a long week or racing. Conditions were great, with a sea breeze that showed up like a clock every day. Noah Zittrer was part of the Team USA (4 sailors) and also representing Lakewood and after a tough start, he managed to qualify for Gold Fleet and finished 41st overall (2nd American). Great job!