USODA Midwinters 2017 Regatta Recap

The USODA Midwinter Championships were organized, as they traditionally are, by Southern Yacht Club over the Thanksgiving weekend, November 24-25.

Like last year, New Orleans featured fine weather with temperatures ranging from 55 to 70, awesome sailing conditions for practice, and . . . . light to no winds during the Regatta. Racing in the light breeze was challenging (a common subject this year for the Opti Circuit) and only 3 races were completed on Friday and none on Saturday.

The Lakewood Team really pushed the starts, and some sailors got UFD’s to start, which meant no chance to drop this race and saying goodbye to higher overall positions (4 sailors out of 13).

William Baker, in his last Regatta as a White Fleet sailor, finished top position from the Lakewood Team with an impressive 8th overall and 3 very consistent races which earned him a 2n overall in the White Fleet Division. Maddie Janzen was the next Lakewood sailor with all her results on the low 20s which meant a 16th overall and 4th in the White Fleet. To close the small representation in the Top 20, Noah Zittrer, who would have claimed the overall win with a 3,1,1 but got OCS on the first race and couldn’t overcome it on Saturday due to the lack of wind.

There were ups and downs on the rest of the team. Emilie Janzen finished 26th after struggling with the light breeze, followed by James Pine in 31st (with scores of 15-7-UFD) who happened to be in the same situation as Noah, Lucas Tenrreiro in 34th (side by side with Noah and James with a UFD), Max Bettis in 36th with some challenges on the starts, Nathan Pine in 40th, Zach Brown in 42nd (another sailor penalized by a UFD), and Mathieu Brown in 55th closing the Lakewood team.