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Welcome to Summer Sailing at Lakewood Yacht Club

Summer Camp and Program Descriptions

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Welcome to Summer Sailing at Lakewood Yacht Club

The Youth Sailing Program at Lakewood Yacht Club provides year-round sailing instruction and coaching for all ages and levels. Summer sessions are Monday through Friday with options for racers and fun sailors alike. Learning to sail is a continuous process and those that attend classes regularly will have the best opportunity to improve their skills. Attending multiple sessions is highly recommended. Summer spaces are limited and classes will close when filled. Registering early helps us schedule instructors and plan the best age and skill appropriate curriculum. We hope to see you on the water!

Stay Connected

The best way to stay connected and get the latest news is through the Seahorse Weekly email. To be added, send your request to sailingadmin@lakewoodyachtclub.com.

Contact Information

We would love to hear your questions and help you get started.

Lakewood Yacht Club
2322 Lakewood Yacht Club Drive
Seabrook, Texas 77586
(281) 474-2511


Boat Charters

For Seahorse Camp, Opti Camp, and Laser Greenhorn, boat charters are included in the fee. There is an additional charter fee for Learn to Sail sessions. Charter boats are available through Bay Access at Lakewood Yacht Club on a first come, first serve basis and are not considered chartered until the charter fee is paid in full. The Bay Access boat charter pricing is $75 per session.


Sailors will need to bring or make arrangements for their lunch each day. On Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, sailors can place an order for a limited lunch selection with their instructor or coach at the time of drop off. Lunches ordered through the club can be charged to a member account number or payment will be made on a weekly basis. The Clubhouse is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays; all sailors will need to bring their lunch.

Getting Ready

Dress for the sun and water in cool swim/water clothes, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Sailing shoes should be closed-toe and fit well; no flip-flops or slide-on shoes. Bring a bottle for water, extra sunscreen, a towel, and a change of clothes. All sailors are required to have a U.S. Coast Guard Approved life jacket that is properly sized, is in good condition, and has an attached whistle.

A swim test will be administered at the start of each session. Alternately, sailors can ask a LYC lifeguard to check-off their swimming proficiency at any time before their session begins.

Summer Camp and Program Descriptions

Seahorse Overnight Camp

Age: Completion of Fifth Grade
Prerequisites: No experience necessary, new sailors, intermediate sailors and racing sailors welcome.

The Seahorse overnight camp has been operating for more than thirty years and is steeped in tradition and fun activities. Whether your child has significant sailing experience or has never stepped aboard a boat before, Seahorse Camp will be fun and educational. The camp is designed to teach basic sailing skills through more advanced techniques depending on each camper’s individual needs. Campers are broken up into squadrons and learn a curriculum appropriate to their level of sailing experience. With a focus on seamanship, Seahorse Camp offers kids the opportunity to build confidence on the water while making lifelong friends. All campers must have a boat for use during camp. Boat charters are available through Bay Access. If you need to charter a boat, please be sure to indicate it on the registration form and we will contact you directly with a charter agreement. Boats are not reserved until payment is received. A variety of sailboats are used during Seahorse Camp.

Opti Camp

Age: Completion of Second Grade to 5th grade
Prerequisites: No experience necessary, new sailors, intermediate sailors and beginning racing sailors welcome.

This day camp will be taught in the Opti and is ideally suited for sailors aged 8 to 11 with little or no boating experience through intermediate Opti sailors racing in the green fleet. Optis are designed to be safe and durable, and the skills learned in the Opti are transferrable to any other class of sailboat. The objective of Opti Camp is for each sailor to build confidence and enjoy time on the water. Typically sailors begin by sailing with experienced sailors from our Opti Race Team, then in pairs with other students and when they are ready they sail solo. Camp activities include safety procedures around the dock and in the boats, training to rig the Opti, getting acquainted with the lake, wind awareness, and a practice capsize drill in the pool. Throughout the week sailors are introduced to the points of sail, basic sailing terminology, basic knots and how to tack and gybe in the Opti. Upon completion of camp many students will be able to sail around a basic beginning race course with minimal instructor input. After camp we hope many sailors will continue on with one or more of the two week Learn to Sail Sessions or the four week green fleet class. All campers must have a boat for use during camp. Boat charters are available through Bay Access. If you need to charter a boat, please be sure to indicate it on the registration form and we will contact you directly with a charter agreement. Boats are not reserved until payment is received.

Summer Learn to Sail Beginning Optis

Age: Completion of First Grade
Prerequisites: No experience necessary – new sailors welcome.

This class is designed for youths who have little or no boating experience and want to learn the basics of sailing and beginning green fleet racing aboard the Optimist. The final goal of the Opti Beginner class is to have all students sailing singlehanded at all points of sail with an emphasis on safety and fun. Instruction includes proper equipment and gear, safety procedures around the dock and in the boats, understanding wind direction and how the wind makes the boat go, and basic parts of the Opti. New sailors, Opti clinic and Opti camp graduates are encouraged to attend. The class may be divided into groups for beginners and advanced beginners making this class a way to gradually transition to full-day sailing and Green Fleet. We find that students that follow a gradual introduction to the sailing environment by attending our Learn to Sail classes or Opti Camp have the best success at mastering the sport.

Laser Greenhorn

Age: 12+
Prerequisites: No experience necessary – new sailors welcome.

Laser Greenhorn is a program designed for beginner Laser 4.7 and Laser Radial sailors. Sailors will focus on skills needed to advance to the next level, Laser Radical. Training will introduce boat handling, boat speed, sail trim, one design tactics and strategy, video analysis and age-appropriate conditioning and fitness. Height, weight and maturity are a key factor to the acceptance to the Laser 4.7 Greenhorn team. These sailors should be more than 100 lbs. to join the Laser 4.7 class, more than 130 lbs. to join the Radial class, and more than 175 lbs for a Laser Full rig. This is a basic sailing course so some sailors will be very new to the sport and take longer to graduate than others with more experience.

Laser and C420 Race Clinics

Age: 12+
Prerequisites: Experienced sailors.
Sailors must have their own boat.

These classes are for those who have experience sailing and racing the Laser or C420. Sailors in these fleets will work to fine tune their boat handling and racing skills and will sail in local regattas including Texas Youth Race Week. Enrollment is based upon the recommendation of the sailing staff. The curriculum includes sail trim for speed, regatta preparation, boat maintenance, and racing rules and tactics. These sailors will travel as a team and compete at selected local, regional and national regattas. Parents will be expected to attend periodic parent meetings and share responsibility for providing transportation and on-site regatta assistance during the season.

Ryan Minth will be coaching our Laser Radical Team for three full weeks and two big regattas June 18 – July 8. Coaching at Laser Nationals at Houston YC and Texas Youth Race Week at TCYC is included in the fee. This extend time with Coach Minth will be an invaluable experience for our Laser team. Coach Minth Minth is a high-performance sailing coach and a member of the 2005 US Sailing Team (Laser). Recently he has been coaching the Chinese Olympic Radial Women’s Sailing team, leading them to China’s first World Championship in an Olympic Sailing Class. You can find more information about Coach Minth here.

Opti Green and Race Intro

Min Age: Completion of second grade
Prerequisites: Experienced sailors who have competed in at least one regatta in Green Fleet or Opti Camp/Clinic graduates with Coach approval who would like to race in Texas Youth Race Week
Sailors must have their own boat.

The Opti Green team is a beginner and intermediate level Optimist Racing Program, designed to build on basic sailing and introduce racing skills. Summer sessions are designed for youths who have had prior boating experience, or who have passed the Beginner Class. Sailors at this level should be comfortable in skippering the boats alone in low to moderate wind conditions, and are able to rig and de-rig the boats themselves with moderate assistance from fellow sailors. Activities will include a review of introductory activities, skills necessary for sailing and rigging an Optimist, practice boat handling skills with games and drills. This class is designed to build on the introduction class and will cater to sailors that want to race. It is common for sailors to repeat this offering often for multiple years. All sessions provide a strong emphasis on independence in rigging, skippering and teaching the ability to confidently sail all points of sail in more complex exercises and in more wind. Students will participate in Texas Sailing Association regattas such as Texas Youth Race Week.  All campers must have a boat for use during lessons. Boat charters are available through Bay Access. If you need to charter a boat, please be sure to indicate it on the registration form and we will contact you directly with a charter agreement. Boats are not reserved until payment is received.

Opti Intermediate and Advanced Race Clinic

Prerequisites: Experienced racing sailors with coach approval
Sailors must have their own boat.

Designed for youths who have had significant prior boating/racing experience, or who have been in the program for at least three years. Sailors at this level should be comfortable by themselves in the boats at all times from low to high wind situations, have a primary goal of advancing their racing skills, and be well on the path to adjusting and tuning the rigging for optimal performance. The minimum age of the sailor is 9 and acceptance to the race team is based on prior experience and instructor evaluation. These clinics are taught by an experienced race coach that travels with the team to local and select national events. There is a strong focus on boat handling, speed and tactics. A key aspect of this training is to help the individual sailor formulate personal goals and create a roadmap for their execution.

We are committed to developing some of this country’s most competitive sailors. An effort will be made to offer our best young sailors the opportunity to hone their skills against top sailors in the country. With this in mind we know the best way to improve is to practice hard and race against top competitors.

The race team may occasionally practice with the Intermediate Opti Sailors. All Optis are privately owned. Curriculum includes teamwork, racing and boat handling drills, sportsmanship, rules, protests, race strategy and tactics.

Summer Fun Weeks

This class is designed to keep it fun for our racers and to offer something for the sailor not interested in racing. Sailors will be grouped by age with activities planned accordingly. The primary objective of this session is to have fun during the summer. Throughout the summer students will spend time kayaking, tubing and having fun in and around the club. Fun weeks will also include destination based sails to other clubs in the area and games of capture the flag on the water. These days will be all about having fun in and around the water, sailing and seamanship, plus team building and creating lifelong friendships.

More Sailing Opportunities

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available. Please contact youthsailing@lakewoodyachtclub.com for more information and to book times.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to volunteer for the Seahorses. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to make the camps, summer sessions, practices and regattas run smoothly all year round. Please remember our Seahorses can only be as strong as our team of volunteers. Thank you in advance for all of your hard work and dedication to the Seahorses so that our children will have an outstanding sailing experience and grow into lifelong sailors!

Year Round Sailing Sessions

Winter and spring sailing in Texas offers the best opportunity for young sailors to rapidly improve their skills. We typically experience windier conditions during these times of year and class sizes are usually smaller. As long as your sailor has the right gear it is almost never too cold to sail in Texas! Classes are held in all kinds of weather; even if it is raining. The one exception is if there is a threat of severe storm or hurricane. Join the Seahorse mailing list to receive our Weekly Update for exact practice times and dates!